Experience Benidorm – with Benidorm’s Favourite New App

Benidorm is arguably the most popular tourst destination for Brits travelling to Spain. Unfortunately, much of what this beautiful city has to offer lies undiscovered, mainly because up to date information can be difficult to find and, when it is found, so much of it is unreliable or out of date.

This new Benidorm app – dedicated to Benidorm and its surrounding areas – aims to uncover everything for you and keep all information up to date. 

The apps What’s On Now guide and events pages deletes past information automatically which is ideal. However, there’s a lot that we still have to do manually and we do work on it 7 days a week to try and keep it as up to date as possible. Please feel free to email us if you find any out of date or incorrect information and we’ll deal with it immediately.

This new Benidorm app aims to will save you time searching for Restaurants, Activities, Events, Entertainers and Venues in addition to giving you access to exclusive offers which will also save you money.

We think that the Experience Benidorm App is the only app that is attempting to show everything that Benidorm has to offer at your fingertips and in one place.

Discover new experiences and most importantly, make memories that will last forever. (You can also follow our regular updates on Facebook)

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Restaurants, Venues, Entertainers, Activities, Events

Whether you’re looking for opening times, contact information, event dates or where and when entertainers are performing, we have all the up to date information ready to make your holiday as stress-free as possible.

How it works

Our simple interface makes searching for things to eat, see and do easy. Create a plan in our in-built planner with the ability to share with your friends and family.

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events, entertainers, venues, restaurants and activities

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a personalised planner to help you organise and record your holiday

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your planner with friends and family so they can enjoy it with you

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